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Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 28
Τόπος : Ηράκλειο
Registration date : 04/06/2008

ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: Shopmania!   Πεμ Ιουν 05, 2008 6:55 pm

Welcome to your first day of work at the world's largest department megastore, pendmoore. You are Lewis, a retail clerk trying desperately to earn money to buy medicine for his sick hamster Gerry. The $pendmoore motto is "WE do the thinking -- so YOU don't have to!" As every $pendmoore shopper comes into the store, it is your job to stuff their carts as full as possible before sending them out the door. Manage the flow of customers as you fill up cart after cart, upgrading your department floor with retail goodies that make your job easier. Can you keep up with the shoppers and make enough cash to finish the shift?

" Push more product with retail power-ups
" Get promoted through different departments
" Deal with 7 different customer types


- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
- 300MHz or faster Processor
- 128MB RAM
- 16-bit Graphics and Sound Card
- DirectX 7.0 or better

Pass: akefalos
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Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 1
Registration date : 28/11/2010

ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: Απ: Shopmania!   Σαβ Φεβ 12, 2011 11:13 pm

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